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Katey Kat SFW 3.0 VRChat Avatar (Unity Package + Personal Use License)

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  • FBT Compatible & Proportioned
  • Toggleable Pen
  • Hair Length Sliders
  • Hue Slider
  • Sock Toggle
  • Cat Ear Toggle
  • Gestures Bound To Only Left Hand (With Option To Enable Both)
  • 4 Face Expressions + Over 20 Additional Blendshapes To Mix & Match
  • "Good" Optimized Version
  • "Medium" Optimized Version
  • "Poor" Optimized Version
  • Free Updates! (Bug Fixes & Quality Updates)

Import Order:

1. Dynamic Bones (

2. Poiyomi Toon Shader 7.0+ (

3. Avatar Package (Packed With VRChat SDK 3.0!)

Terms of Service Associated With Personal License:

You MAY:

  • Use the assets that I made for personal use. This means you can use add parts to other personal models that you have if you would like.
  • Edit the assets. This means that you are allowed to alter the textures, sculpt the meshes, change the shaders, or alter any other aspect of them.

You may NOT:

  • You may not resell or use the assets commercially unless you have purchased the commercial license for them through my or Eliza's Gumroad.
  • Upload the avatar as public, put it in an avatar world, or upload it to a friend's account. When you purchase the avatar, you are paying for your use and your use alone.
  • Publically post the avatar or assets anywhere included but not limited to:

      - Discord Servers/Messages

      - Google Drives

      - Mediafire

      - Any other file hosting server.

NOTE: I require the entering of your Discord and VRChat usernames so that I can DMCA anyone who illegally redistributes or obtains the avatar, assets, or any associated files. If you plan on giving this to someone as a gift, have questions about my terms regarding streaming or something not directly covered here, or encounter any bugs, please reach out to me through one of my socials (although I am most responsive through Discord).

Please be aware that if you go against the terms of the designated license your VRChat or Discord account will receive a DMCA. You are legally not allowed to go against the terms of this agreement and I have the ability to press charges against you if it comes down to it.

You will typically not be warned if I find out you have gone against the terms of the license; I can and will take action against you without warning if you do something that violates my terms. I have spent many hours not only on making my assets but also on building up the skills and knowledge necessary to make them. By purchasing this avatar, you are agreeing with my terms.

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Unity Package that comes with Good, Medium, and Poor variants of the avatar prefab as well as various in game customization options.



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Katey Kat SFW 3.0 VRChat Avatar (Unity Package + Personal Use License)

3 ratings
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